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Nion & MediaMatrix System Design & Programming

The latest flagship product from the MediaMatrix stable. A powerful range of DSP audio processors supporting both local and Cobranet & Dante I/O. PASHA ( Serial ) and RATC ( Ethernet ) control.

We offer system configuration & programming for all the Nion range including NWare, Kiosk & ConMan. More Info on our services? Contact us

Programming a software based audio system is rather more than just creating the control pages. Being Audio Engineers who understand computers, the staff at Nebula Audio are able to optimise the design to provide the facilities and signal processing required without over complication or placing a drain on DSP resources. Not only that, knowing how, we can also assist with setting up the installed system and have access to all the required test equipment for certification.

Whichever MediaMatrix products you need, Nebula Audio are available to create or reengineer the software both on and off site.

Enhanced Control

Whist the Nion processors offer a wide range of control options, some projects require a greater degree of external control or interfacing with 3rd party control products.

At Nebula we are ideally positioned to assist with these tasks having extensive experience in linking devices via hardware and software utilising Serial or Ethernet protocols in addition to the creation of bespoke control devices and Python Script modules.

With out in-house manufacturing facilities we can also offer a range of customised control modules at completive prices and with quick turnaround.

Our Software Policy

When contracted to carry out a complete system configuration our policy is to ALWAYS make the configured software available to our client. This way you have the security that if changes are needed, and we are unavailable, you can use an alternative provider and you don’t have to pay extra for the codes release.