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A major sports venue had two requirements, the first to provide a simple to use control panel for each of its 196 executive boxes. This would be used to control new TV’s due to be fitted in the suites as well as interface with the Cisco Stadium vision system for control. These panels must include a method to centrally enable or shutdown each suite on either an individual or global basis to prevent sets being left on when the stadium closed.

The system was to be fixed and secure and replace the two or three separate IR handsets currently used as these have a habit of disappearing after an event.

The second requirement was to provide a method of centrally turning on and off up to 800 individual TV’s being fitted around the stadium in public and hospitality areas.


The first requirement for fulfilled by the use of Synergy 2082 panels from the iKON AVS range of controllers (www.ikonavs.com/synergy). A custom version was used with plain stainless steel panels engineered to complement the existing brushed stainless steel electrical accessories already used within the rooms.

The eight-button panel was configured to interface to both the TV for power and volume control via RS232 and also to the Cisco Stadiumvision system via IR to allow channel selection. An additional RS232 link to the Stadiumvision system uses two addition ‘virtual’ buttons on the panel to provide global power On and OFF control.

For ease of installation custom power interfaces were provided to manage the TV’s power control.

For the second requirement, 800 custom power interfaces where provided for installation by the stadiums own engineering department. The interfaces where supplied complete with pre-fitted cabled for power as well as RS232 for the interface to the local Stadiumvision DMP box for access to content as well as global power control via the Ethernet link.

Case Study - Major Stadium