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Minerva Systems

Optimised for use by the Fire Services, MINERVA is an immersive simulation training system designed to provide incident commanders and their teams with safe training that is as close to a real emergency as possible.

The training scenarios run in real time replicating the complexities of events and providing experiences that can easily be transferred to actual incidents.

Designed to be as realistic as possible, scenarios can be replicas of incidents that have happened or organised for training purposes, and can be tailored for different levels of management.

Minerva systems usually differ from Hydra system as they are designed for real-time incident response and may combine both visual and audible effects to create a more realistic working environment. The incorporation of an Incident Command Room or Vehicle is also normal as it forms an integral part of the operations.

Nebula Audio has a proven track record in installing Minerva systems, having installed systems for:-

Having worked closely not only with NCALT, the creators of the Minerva Software, but also various police, fire and transport authorities, we pride ourselves in ensuring that our clients get the system they want that is installed on time, on budget, fully working, with comprehensive user documentation and complete with on site, on line and telephone support as standard.

If you are considering a Minerva System, Nebula Audio are happy to offer a consultative approach to the complete design and specification process. We have extensive experience in the design, deployment and maintenance of these systems and offer a flexible approach including:-