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Hydra Systems

HYDRA is an immersive simulation training system that provides learning scenarios focusing on decision-making skills. During training candidates will split into groups and will receive information about the relevant tasks via a combination of projected image, computer and printed sheets. Training is not carried out in real time so the scenarios can be stopped and started on request.

A debriefing facility is incorporated for discussion on how teams handled their tasks and allows any decision making subject to be explored.

A Hydra training system gives everyone a chance to experience working with any type of incident, large or small, at any level, within a safe and challenging training environment.

Created in 1998 by Dr. Jonathan Crego for the Metropolitan Police Directorate of Learning Technologies (now NCALT), Nebula Audio Ltd are proud of their involvement and contribution in creating the first operational Hydra System that was to become the prototype for all future systems.

Nebula Audio has a proven track record in installing Hydra systems, having installed systems for:-

From the first installation in the country through to the latest implementations using wireless technology and remote site linking, Nebula Audio prides itself in ensuring that our clients get the system they want that is installed on time, on budget, fully working, with comprehensive user documentation and complete with on site, on line and telephone support as standard.

If you are considering a Hydra System, Nebula Audio are happy to offer a consultative approach to the complete design and specification process. We have extensive experience in the design, deployment and maintenance of these systems and offer a flexible approach including:-

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