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Customer Service

What makes our systems better?

With over 20 years experience in designing specialist presentation and training systems we understand the needs of our clients and that their first responsibility is with the presentation or training and NOT on how to operate the system.

With this in mind we design all systems for easy and intuitive operation with the minimum of training required for day-to-day operation. Additionally we do not over engineer the system but ensure that whilst all operational requirements are met, it is done as efficiently and cost effective as possible whilst providing the simplest of operation.

We use the RQS principle, that’s Reliability through Quality and Simplicity to ensure that only proven and reliable component parts are used from reputable, traceable and sustainable sources and that the systems are not over engineered ‘because we can’.

User controls are usually kept to a minimum to prevent in advertent operation and our touch screen layouts are created to offer the controls required for operation without the clutter of redundant or unwanted buttons and options. These being only available to ‘power users’ on protected engineering pages.

We also include on touch screens simple help pages for use by new and occasional users to further simplify smooth and seamless operation of the system.

Core Staff of Experts

For the implementation of all systems we use a core of ‘In-house’ permanent staff rather than the common practice of recruiting just for a project. This ensures that the required expertise is always available during the important design and implementation stages as well as post install support.

In House Support

We consider ongoing support and maintenance a very important part of our operations and operate a rapid response policy for regular customers to ensure that in the event of a problem it is speedily and efficiently resolved. In addition to regular planned maintenance we offer both online and telephone support with callers often able to speak directly to the engineer who designed, installed or commissioned the system so you are getting the advice ‘from the horses mouth’ and not second or third hand. Our support is so good that many regular clients prefer for us to take on the maintenance and support of systems installed by others as its usually easier, quicker and more stress free.

Remote Support

In addition to our online and telephone support, when a suitable system is installed that can provide us with remote access, we can carry out diagnostics and patching remotely often removing the need to call us as automatic email alerts notify that attention is required.

User Documentation

As part of all out installations we provide a full set of easy to follow ‘as installed’ drawings and documents in both printed and electronic format. Whilst the electronic format is compact and convenient for users who are familiar with the system and know what to look for, the printed form is often preferred as it is often quicker and easier to find the required information. In operating manuals the use of clearly labeled screenshots is used to quickly and easily guide the users through the operating procedures with the use of bullet points ‘cue cards’. This is in addition to fuller descriptions intended for the ‘power user’,